From seed to a tree and beyond…


A Seed carefully enclosed in the bosom of the mother fruit, suddenly finds itself out and open to the harsh environment and in a survival crisis. The phases of sadness, worth lessness and rejection start developing leading to suicidal urge and tendencies. However, it fails to realise that a more enduring
and loving mother earth awaits to encompass its lovely self around it and nurture it to the fullest. “Welcome to my abode my child” says she. The tearful and grateful little seed holds on to the mother never to let go.. Ever..

The Sapling

The growing seed is now a sapling. Smiling its way above the ground and getting itself firmly fixed beneath. The trust with mother earth has grown beyond doubt. All sunshine, love, water and peace mark the day. But one day, a little goat comes and grazes over the newly sprouted sapling.

The fear and feel of pain is unbearable and it spreads it roots even more deeper. Deeper to the depths of mother earth, where she carrasses it and nourishes her. Both her roots and shoots and her aching heart.

“What would I do without you mother” sobs the now recuperating sapling.


As a fully grown tree now. With lots of birds, animals and fruits to bear. The tree is very happy and elated. Her gratitude and faith towards her mother is unending. It continues to grow deeper and deeper getting cosy and comfortable and resting in her mother’s arms.

The mother’s care and bond is unmatched and unbeatable, as she continues to support the tree in all seasons and adventures.

But.. The tree was not aware of the dangers and brutality prevalent in an unsympathetic world!

The downfall

It was a good spring afternoon and the tree was in full bloom. With flowers and fruits and birds of all kinds singing on its strong branches. The squirrels dancing and monkeys playing.

The tree loved this season of togetherness and bonding. Then came the worst and deafening sound the tree ever heard. It felt a sharp blow to its trunk.

It cried out loud and asked “mother, what is this ? What is it doing to me?”. The mother said with tearful eyes… This my child is the worst enemy a tree can have! It does not graze on you like the goat, but it destroys the very existence of a tree! It is the one that  has taken away thousands of my children from me…as I watched helplessly! I am no match for its brutality and torture. All I know is the language of love.And now its you my sweetheart! ”

Hearing these final words from its mother the tree fell dead. All lifeless and pitiful. All in less then a minute. And the mother earth wept silent tears.. Unheard, undeserved and unnecessary. All a sacrifice for a selfish mankind!

As we celebrate Earth day let is pledge to save our mother earth and protect it from the adversities created by mankind!

Please leave your comments and thank you for reading!

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