“My emotions are frozen
And heart solidified
I now am just a mummy modified
Your presence may no more thaw
The all frozen person I am now…

My heart aches with longing
With feelings I never felt
Will I be able to get back
The love I always felt?

As I continue the monotony of life
Day in and day out
thinking of you by my side
Everyday is just an automation
There is no “life” to my life!

Living is just an adjective
For this bone and muscle mass you see
For it no more lives
It only survives for necessity

I wish you all the best
May you prosper and excel
And may you never have to feel
What I feel within me

For I am now but a live corpse
Waiting to pass with the tide of time
Or for you my love..
To bring me to life back…
Or for you my love
To bring me to life back….

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