I ease my heart ache

With high walls and closed gates

I gather the pieces of my shattered heart

Flung all over, near and far

I try to fix the missing bits

With shaky hands and trembling feet

I search for glue, nice and clean

To conceal the pain and ordeal

I rise from the ashes, stand on my feet

Replacing the beat of a heartless being

I gather my wits and shake off the grit

Marching ahead with renewed energy

I open the gates and crush the walls

And face the storm in the face

I fear not and feel no shame

The Phoenix has risen to meet it’s mate

No winds so strong or years so long

Can stop the unification any more

Vehemently, relentlessly and with fierce intensity

Set abaze she darts away

A smile on her lips and song in her heart

Undettered by the torment and agony ahead

We shall meet again

We shall meet again….

<a href="">Gate</a>

<a href="">Gate</a>Gate">


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