Taking our agility… To a new high.. 


Silence, A tale of unfulfilled desires,

Suppressed emotions,

Harrassed past

And horrors of a dreaded future…

Silence… a tale of turmoil,


Sacrifice and torture

Silence… a phase of defeat

Acceptance and loss…

Grief and sorrow all bundled together….


Is it a feeling of faith, commitment and endurance

Filled with memories of love and pleasure

A silent smile on the face of a dreamer

The lustful blush of a lover

The innocence of a sleeping baby

The concern of a caring mother

The shade of a graceful tree

The first few drops of the monsoon shower

Silence… a boon for the wise, a bane for a silly griever…

A destructor of life or a creator

Choose fair, choose wise, for we have but one life….

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I ease my heart ache

With high walls and closed gates

I gather the pieces of my shattered heart

Flung all over, near and far

I try to fix the missing bits

With shaky hands and trembling feet

I search for glue, nice and clean

To conceal the pain and ordeal

I rise from the ashes, stand on my feet

Replacing the beat of a heartless being

I gather my wits and shake off the grit

Marching ahead with renewed energy

I open the gates and crush the walls

And face the storm in the face

I fear not and feel no shame

The Phoenix has risen to meet it’s mate

No winds so strong or years so long

Can stop the unification any more

Vehemently, relentlessly and with fierce intensity

Set abaze she darts away

A smile on her lips and song in her heart

Undettered by the torment and agony ahead

We shall meet again

We shall meet again….

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The circle of life

As is rightly said,” god could not be everywhere, so he created mothers”.  Parents care and nurture their child right from its conception and think and worry about them till the end of their lives. Their love for the child remains the same irrespective of the age of the child.
Right from pregnancy, the turmoil of child birth, the sleepless nights with an infant, the non stop chores of a growing child up to the schooling, studies, tiffin, uniform and fees is their look out. All this they do tirelessly. Their only reward is the smile and success of their child.

Although the growing up years are tough  with minimal sleep and a lot of running about and feeding a picky eater, but it turns out it only gets tougher later on.

With schooling come studies, transport to and from school, tiffin etc. Then teenage comes with their set of problems both physical and emotional.

This is the time when children lose sight of their parents hard work and sacrifice. Blame it on the hormones or their company, but this period is very distressing for parents and a visible gap appears in their relationship.

Of course this gap further widens with the onset of adulthood and parents take a backseat. Moreover with the increase in life expectancy people are living longer and many suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc. They need continuous support and supervision for which they obviously look up to their children, but absence of it leads to depression and feelings of loneliness and fear of being left out starts to emerge.

The situation tends to be worse with nuclear families where the parents lead a lonely and secluded life either at their homes or at an old age home, and the  entire childhood of their kids plays itself over and over again in their minds.

In 2009, Helpage India , an NGO working for welfare of elderly people counted 60 homes for aged in Bangalore, and this number had doubled in 3 years i.e crossed 120 as reported by Indian Express in October 2012.

Old age is believed to be the second childhood of a person where they need support of their near and dear ones.But we as children do not realize these things. We do not see the trouble and sacrifice our parents went through to make us what we are today. We easily forget what we owe them.

But when history repeats itself and we find ourselves in their shoes we realise how difficult it is to be a parent let alone a good and efficient one!Further, this phase is also temporary and in no time we will also pass through old age before the lord calls us to his holy abode. Till then we need to make our near and dear ones happy and set the trends for our future generations.

We need to take responsibility and care for our parents just the way they did in our childhood. The way they fulfilled our silliest of desires and the way their hearts cried to see us sick. The way they leaped with joy at our success. They way they welcomed and kept us in their lives. I feel we may never be able to be like them, but let us try and give them the best we can. 

Because  we have but one life, and as is said, “what goes around comes around.” And there is no better way to realise this then the ‘circle of life’.


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Let me fall in love once more…

Let the flower bloom once more
Let the plant of love grow

Let me in your arms again

Let me fall in love once more…
As the sun completes the sky

And the fragrance completes the rose

Just as the sea completes the beach

Without you I am incomplete.

Beyond the distance

And beyond the ages

My love grows for you ever more

Deeper than the ocean bed

And higher than the deep blue sky

Let me fall in love once more..

Let me fall in love once more..



Story behind a Door


As life takes it turns and spills over many unexpected surprises in our laps, I wonder where will the next door lead. As the roller coaster of life pushes you through its ups and downs and sometimes through dark tunnels, we are left to wonder what will be the next thing that life will throw our way.

As I think of this my thoughts take me down memory lane. I see you as a shy young lad, with fierce determination and timid actions. Slowly life drifts to the times of deep friendship and love we shared. I am lost in the world which revolves around you, you and only you. I would be more than happy to have life paused there and would give anything to relive those moments with you again.

But life being non sympathetic took on its course, and yet another door of happiness came along, and more of them along the way. I was so happy and gay that I failed to notice the U turn my life was taking.

All of a sudden a flash decision changed my life forever, and I reached the place I stand now.  I am yet to see the repercussions  it may have and eagerly watch the horizon for tell tale signs of what it may hold.

Sitting at the door I wait rather impatiently to hear your footsteps, to see you and hold you in my arms again. For time to bring you back to this door, to bring you back home.

The Story Behind a Door


The ocean of love



Loaded with all the variegated colours of joy and happiness, filled with hope infused by Robin Sharma’s “The monk who sold his Ferrari”, I took a deep breath and plunged into the ocean of life once again… for you my love are worth a million lifetimes…
The tides high and low and the creatures deep below, the chill of the water against my skin  failed to induce fears of doom, and as I wade through the currents so strong, I realize how inseparable are we.

With an aubade on my lips I greet the morning sun, and so much I long to be in your arms. To feel the warmth of your presence around me and create a wonderful collage on the blank easel of life.

The silence in my heart complemented the roar of the waves as mistpouffer mystified the fog I saw. I continued my way… Unabated, unabashed slowly and steadily…assuring myself that elysian is not far…



Hues of brown and orange filled the parched landscape of doom. The rays of the golden sun mercilessly heated the naked ground below, devoid of its once lush green vegetation. There was nothing left of the biodiversity that once thrived here. A perfect epitome of disaster and calamity.

Every passing day came out with a fresh lash at the prevailing draught with survival being a challenge and death the only reality. Plants and animals were history and a few alive humans were close to becoming so.

Nature can be so cruel and partial. Scarcity to one, abundance to other, happiness to one and sorrow to the other. Heaven to one and life worse then hell to other.

I dream of not the water fountains nor a shower bath, but lord I ask only for a glass of potable water!


A phase ….

I continued in silence, bearing the tyranny destiny offered me. Moving from one place to another, doing all the errands in a lifeless, mechanical way. Life was reduced to just a word.

With no joy and sleepless nights, my world was limited to a set of routine repetitive movements, with none of the acts being registered in my mind. No emotions flowing and neither  ridicule nor affection touched me.

I watched myself as a spectator playing the game of life in a very efficient manner, however lacking the emotional reactions and outbursts which were a part and parcel of my former nature.

Life revolved around me, but non touched my very existence. A silent melancholy had settled on me, unmovable, unshakable, in refutable.



“My emotions are frozen
And heart solidified
I now am just a mummy modified
Your presence may no more thaw
The all frozen person I am now…

My heart aches with longing
With feelings I never felt
Will I be able to get back
The love I always felt?

As I continue the monotony of life
Day in and day out
thinking of you by my side
Everyday is just an automation
There is no “life” to my life!

Living is just an adjective
For this bone and muscle mass you see
For it no more lives
It only survives for necessity

I wish you all the best
May you prosper and excel
And may you never have to feel
What I feel within me

For I am now but a live corpse
Waiting to pass with the tide of time
Or for you my love..
To bring me to life back…
Or for you my love
To bring me to life back….

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From seed to a tree and beyond…


A Seed carefully enclosed in the bosom of the mother fruit, suddenly finds itself out and open to the harsh environment and in a survival crisis. The phases of sadness, worth lessness and rejection start developing leading to suicidal urge and tendencies. However, it fails to realise that a more enduring
and loving mother earth awaits to encompass its lovely self around it and nurture it to the fullest. “Welcome to my abode my child” says she. The tearful and grateful little seed holds on to the mother never to let go.. Ever..

The Sapling

The growing seed is now a sapling. Smiling its way above the ground and getting itself firmly fixed beneath. The trust with mother earth has grown beyond doubt. All sunshine, love, water and peace mark the day. But one day, a little goat comes and grazes over the newly sprouted sapling.

The fear and feel of pain is unbearable and it spreads it roots even more deeper. Deeper to the depths of mother earth, where she carrasses it and nourishes her. Both her roots and shoots and her aching heart.

“What would I do without you mother” sobs the now recuperating sapling.


As a fully grown tree now. With lots of birds, animals and fruits to bear. The tree is very happy and elated. Her gratitude and faith towards her mother is unending. It continues to grow deeper and deeper getting cosy and comfortable and resting in her mother’s arms.

The mother’s care and bond is unmatched and unbeatable, as she continues to support the tree in all seasons and adventures.

But.. The tree was not aware of the dangers and brutality prevalent in an unsympathetic world!

The downfall

It was a good spring afternoon and the tree was in full bloom. With flowers and fruits and birds of all kinds singing on its strong branches. The squirrels dancing and monkeys playing.

The tree loved this season of togetherness and bonding. Then came the worst and deafening sound the tree ever heard. It felt a sharp blow to its trunk.

It cried out loud and asked “mother, what is this ? What is it doing to me?”. The mother said with tearful eyes… This my child is the worst enemy a tree can have! It does not graze on you like the goat, but it destroys the very existence of a tree! It is the one that  has taken away thousands of my children from me…as I watched helplessly! I am no match for its brutality and torture. All I know is the language of love.And now its you my sweetheart! ”

Hearing these final words from its mother the tree fell dead. All lifeless and pitiful. All in less then a minute. And the mother earth wept silent tears.. Unheard, undeserved and unnecessary. All a sacrifice for a selfish mankind!

As we celebrate Earth day let is pledge to save our mother earth and protect it from the adversities created by mankind!

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