Parity for Women at Home

its such hypocrisy that we celebrate women’s day and at the end of it nothing changes neither the way men look at women nor the way women lead their lives. Irrespective of economic status or professional qualifications all women face the same hardships, and the most saddening part is that women are themselves responsible for it either directly or indirectly. In a rapidly changing society of today we see many women who have become bread winners in addition to efficient home makers.However I doubt the same to be true of most men.

Given the cultural background certain behaviours, etiquette, dress code etc are binding to the people of the society. Like women are not allowed to dress the way they would want to, or they are not supposed to talk loudly or laugh aloud and many more. But if seen closely we realise that this has been propagated and kept alive by our ancestor women themselves! They are the ones who have been pivotal in restricting the progress of women and nipping the “bad” habits in the bud.

Again it is we women in the form of mothers who set rules of what a son or daughter should do, so that in future they can be a good wife and mother. We expect girls to know all household activities of cooking, sweeping, cleaning, washing etc., but the same is never expected of a boy! Infact a boy doing such activities is insulting and degrading to the family! He is expected to do the outdoor activities and when at home relax. Moreover we even gift children presents based on these differences, for example a bat or a ball for a boy and a doll or a kitchen set for a girl! So it is not surprising that when the children grow up it is but natural that the woman takes up all these chores as part of her duties as they are inscribed in us right from our childhood.

I agree we still have areas where women are deprived of their basic rights and are totally at the mercy of their male counterparts, however every woman still needs to compromise and sacrifice at the family level. In her own cocoon she is expected to do everything, right from going to work, cooking, doing the household chores, taking the studies of their children, looking after the sick and elderly and so on and so forth. All in the span of 24 hours a day!

As soon as the head of family arrives at home he is greeted with a cup of tea and then settles down on the couch for the rest of the evening for a much needed rest. Whereas a woman arriving from work is never supposed to be tired and getting a cup of coffee then would be a luxury. Her day at home is about to begin!

A woman makes a multitude of sacrifices right from her name to her career, hobbies, health, everything is compromised and her life mainly revolves around her family, however this is a thankless job which she does with a smile.

Sometimes I wonder whether reminding us of our womanhood is meant to make us proud or ┬áto humiliate us! Is it meant to mock us saying you are a woman and will always be? On women’s day we receive a lot of messages from our male colleagues. But do they really mean it? Or are they merely a joke? I really wonder…

The crux of the matter is that unless we women come together and join hands and start practicing gender equality at home itself we will never be able to live with the parity we dream about. We first need to change our outlook, the way we treat our family and the way we allow ourselves to be treated. Let’s free the society of gender bias.. Let’s celebrate womanhood!

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