Story behind a Door


As life takes it turns and spills over many unexpected surprises in our laps, I wonder where will the next door lead. As the roller coaster of life pushes you through its ups and downs and sometimes through dark tunnels, we are left to wonder what will be the next thing that life will throw our way.

As I think of this my thoughts take me down memory lane. I see you as a shy young lad, with fierce determination and timid actions. Slowly life drifts to the times of deep friendship and love we shared. I am lost in the world which revolves around you, you and only you. I would be more than happy to have life paused there and would give anything to relive those moments with you again.

But life being non sympathetic took on its course, and yet another door of happiness came along, and more of them along the way. I was so happy and gay that I failed to notice the U turn my life was taking.

All of a sudden a flash decision changed my life forever, and I reached the place I stand now.  I am yet to see the repercussions  it may have and eagerly watch the horizon for tell tale signs of what it may hold.

Sitting at the door I wait rather impatiently to hear your footsteps, to see you and hold you in my arms again. For time to bring you back to this door, to bring you back home.

The Story Behind a Door