The circle of life

As is rightly said,” god could not be everywhere, so he created mothers”.  Parents care and nurture their child right from its conception and think and worry about them till the end of their lives. Their love for the child remains the same irrespective of the age of the child.
Right from pregnancy, the turmoil of child birth, the sleepless nights with an infant, the non stop chores of a growing child up to the schooling, studies, tiffin, uniform and fees is their look out. All this they do tirelessly. Their only reward is the smile and success of their child.

Although the growing up years are tough  with minimal sleep and a lot of running about and feeding a picky eater, but it turns out it only gets tougher later on.

With schooling come studies, transport to and from school, tiffin etc. Then teenage comes with their set of problems both physical and emotional.

This is the time when children lose sight of their parents hard work and sacrifice. Blame it on the hormones or their company, but this period is very distressing for parents and a visible gap appears in their relationship.

Of course this gap further widens with the onset of adulthood and parents take a backseat. Moreover with the increase in life expectancy people are living longer and many suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc. They need continuous support and supervision for which they obviously look up to their children, but absence of it leads to depression and feelings of loneliness and fear of being left out starts to emerge.

The situation tends to be worse with nuclear families where the parents lead a lonely and secluded life either at their homes or at an old age home, and the  entire childhood of their kids plays itself over and over again in their minds.

In 2009, Helpage India , an NGO working for welfare of elderly people counted 60 homes for aged in Bangalore, and this number had doubled in 3 years i.e crossed 120 as reported by Indian Express in October 2012.

Old age is believed to be the second childhood of a person where they need support of their near and dear ones.But we as children do not realize these things. We do not see the trouble and sacrifice our parents went through to make us what we are today. We easily forget what we owe them.

But when history repeats itself and we find ourselves in their shoes we realise how difficult it is to be a parent let alone a good and efficient one!Further, this phase is also temporary and in no time we will also pass through old age before the lord calls us to his holy abode. Till then we need to make our near and dear ones happy and set the trends for our future generations.

We need to take responsibility and care for our parents just the way they did in our childhood. The way they fulfilled our silliest of desires and the way their hearts cried to see us sick. The way they leaped with joy at our success. They way they welcomed and kept us in their lives. I feel we may never be able to be like them, but let us try and give them the best we can. 

Because  we have but one life, and as is said, “what goes around comes around.” And there is no better way to realise this then the ‘circle of life’.


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